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CAUTION: The Events of a Madman.

Anarchy_2k as he lives.

24 May
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I'm 6' tall, ash blonde hair, buzz cut of course, Hazel eyes, 145 lbs. Ya, this is me, day at a time, sometimes skipping but I always catch up. Laid back is definately one of the best words to describe me. I'm carefree unless it's something that NEEDS to be cared about. I'm a really warm person when it comes down to it. I notice things in people right away that other often pass up. I'm the kind've guy that makes humor look dry, my life is full of it, (don't take that as... nevermind.) I don't really know the meaning of embarassing, nothing ever bothers me. I've grown more used to the world around me than alot of people can tolerate at times, but that's one of my high points, I will always be one you can come back to with a problem. I'm always looking to meet new people, and I'm never one to pass up a good time. When I'm looking for somone to connect with, there definately has to be a sense of humor and the ability to carry a conversation if I need to think for a moment. Although if you think you can win me over with looks alone, you can try, but I can't gaurentee it'll go very far. If you think my LJ describes anything about me, you should take a look at my site. Get to know me, you might like what you find.